Omas 360 Piston Filled Fountain Pen

Omas 360 Piston Filled Fountain Pen

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Appearance and Design: The shape and trim are identical to the original 360, including the decorative greek key bands on the barrel and section. The trim and 18K gold nib are Rhodium plated. What makes the T2 unique is it's matt grey Titanium cap and barrel. The section is also Titanium. Like sterling silver, and unlike other metals, I find that the Titanium remains easy to grip even whit perspiration dampened fingers.


Weight and Dimensions: Thanks to it's metal construction the T2 is considerably heaver the original 360; however, Titanium's low density keeps the weight reasonable. I find that it is slightly heavier than the exotic wood 360's with their Sterling Silver sections, and a lot lighter than the Sterling Silver Imagination. Otherwise, there are no noticeable changes to their dimensions.


Capped Length: 5.92" / 150 mm

Uncapped Length: 5.2" / 132 mm

Posted Length: 7.1" / 180 mm

Section Diameter: 11.4 - 13.6 mm

Barrel Diameter: 14.7 mm

Cap Diameter: 16.8 mm


Nib and Performance: Identical to the original 360.


Filling System: Identical to the original 360.