Montegrappa Chef's Limited Edition Fountain Pen # 17

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  Montegrappa Cooks Up Something Special!

In a world now dominated by reality TV shows, that particular genre itself is dominated by one type of program: cooking shows. Amateur cooks judged by the professionals, competitive bake-offs, “master chef” competitions, restaurant overhauls, travel shows that deal only with finding the best local food – there are even food-only networks that encourage us all to get back into the kitchen. But behind every great dish, there has to be a great chef.

The Chef Collection is offered as both a fountain pen and a rollerball pen. Its most prominent feature is the cap – appropriately, if piningly – made of white resin in the form of a typical chef’s cap, complete with pleats. The cap top has been decorated with the profession’s logo and symbols, formed through contrasting laser-cut engraving.

For the pen barrel, a wood-facsimile resin has been adorned with metal pegs to resemble a chef’s knife’s handle, while the signature clip is molded into the shape of a real knife, made from the same stainless steel as used for a real blade. The nib of the fountain pen is made of solid 18K gold and decorated with a Montegrappa filigree etching. The fountain pen is piston-fed filling from a bottle of ink.

Montegrappa’s Chef’s Pen will make the perfect gift for a family member or friend who loves to write as much as he or she loves to cook. Or eat.