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Delta Pompei Millenium 1KS Fountain Pen - Limited Edition

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Pompei limited edition "antique fountain pen" was Delta's first limited edition. It offered the lateral lever system and was introduced in 1996. Ten years later the fountain pen that celebrated the opulence and magnificence of the city of Pompei such as the paintings and pavements found inside its splendid villas characterized by it's design and colors is one more proposed in this millennium version which is available in 2 singular versions of 100 pieces each. The Pompei Millennium Limited Edition is made from a solid bar turned by hand of special celluloid in mother of pearl Pompeian red with inserts of green and gray. The cap in black celluloid is decorated with a central ring in solid 18k gold with Pompeian decor and is enriched with a precious diamond atop the cap. A limited edition of 100 creations worldwide!