Montegrappa The Game of Thrones Winter is Here Limited Edition Fountain Pen#17

As the Night King and his fearsome army bear down on the kingdoms of Westeros, an Italian luxury brand is already choosing sides. ‘Winter is Here’ is the name of a set of lavish  writing instruments. Winter is Here is half pen, half object d’art. For those who like accessories to make a statement, few pens released are likely to make a louder pronouncement.

Fans of the epic saga will need no more than a whisper to guess where this limited edition’s loyalties lie. As the name implies, the pens – available in sterling silver and 18k gold versions – pay homage to the mysterious forces from north of The Wall. Using the ancient jeweler’s art of lost wax casting, Montegrappa has brought the inhabitants of Always Winter to life in spectacular fashion. Three-dimensional effigies of the Night King and White Walker form a superstructure that encases the pen’s barrel. The pen cap sheltering the nib is a real masterpiece of design.The figure of Viserion wraps it completely and the dragon’s head with the tongue of ice coming out of his mouth acts as an innovative pocket clip. Enameled, crystal blue flames encircle the base of the cap, while apatite semi-precious stones emulate the cold, mysterious eyes unique to beings of the North.

Available in limited numbers of 300 pieces in silver and only 7 pieces in gold.

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